Due to power disruption during the flood evacuations in Grand Forks BC and the surrounding area, many home refrigerators encountered sustained power loss which may have caused their contents to decompose. This decomposing food could pose health risks.

As a proud member of the community and one of Canada's largest volume appliance retailers, we want to do our part to help.

Our Grand Forks Fridge and Freezer Replacement Program will help residents returning to their homes replace their refrigerators quickly and conveniently. From May 30-June 13, The Brick will be in Grand Forks at 7000 27th Street with a large in-stock assortment of new fridges and other appliances available to meet the immediate demand for residents returning to their homes, and will be offering free in-town delivery.

Our scheduled hours will be 9am-5pm, but we will be open as needed to work with returning residents—please call 250-304-2700 for more information.

Receive a $100 food credit from Extra Foods with fridge purchase of $999 or more.

Offered with purchase of any Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Frigidaire Gallery and Professional and GE fridge ($999 or more) or mattress set ($999 or more). Excludes discounted, clearance, and commercial or builder products.

Simply fill out the form below and a representative from The Brick will contact you to co-ordinate the purchase and delivery or pickup of your replacement refrigerator. For further information, please click on the Q&A button below. (You can toggle between the form and the Q&A section without losing any information entered.)

NOTE: Filling out the form is not a purchase agreement. It is simply a way for you to begin the process of replacing your fridge/freezer.

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By filling out the form, am I agreeing to purchase a new fridge?

No. The form is simply a way for you to begin the process and for us to start helping you pick the right product.

How will I pay for my new fridge?

After you submit your form, a Brick representative will contact you to discuss payment options.

What if I want to see my new fridge before I purchase?

We can show you what your fridge looks like on the website before you purchase or help arrange a time for you to see it in one of our locations before pickup or delivery.

How will I get my new fridge?

Your new fridge can be picked up at the location you choose in the form below or a delivery can be arranged at the time of purchase with your Fridge Replacement Representative.

How long will delivery take?

We are making every effort to ensure a very quick turnaround for pickup or delivery of your new fridge and will help arrange a time that is convenient for you at the time of purchase.

What if I am not returning home right away?

No problem. We can place orders in advance and coordinate a future pickup or delivery date that works for you.

What if I don't have insurance?

We have a range of new fridge options with different price points. We can also offer payment plans for qualified residents.

What about installation?

If you choose our delivery service we are happy to put your fridge into place, remove it from the packaging and dispose of leftover packaging. If you require installations such as water line hookup, gas connections etc., we provide these service, and your Fridge Replacement Representative can review pricing and options with you.


Our regular store hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday, but we will make every attempt to be available as needed for returning residents.
Outside of regular store hours, please call 250-304-2700 to confirm in advance if we are open.